Best configuration for improving the application


We have developed a web application based on Licode and we have done two
tests, the first one with only one room with a lot of users and the other
test with many rooms with 4 or 5 participants. We have all in a cloud
server and we have seen that from 7/8 users (in first test) or 4/5 rooms
(in second test) the stability of connections starts going down. We checked
the server logs and they show the CPU was at 100% and if we do the tests
with P2P enabled it works perfectly so the MCU can’t bear all connections.
We have set in licode_config the maximum number of ErizoAgents as 10, so
our question is what configuration do you recommend for improving the
application behaviour (without migrating to a better cloud solution if it’s

Also I would like to ask what should be the behaviour of the "minVideoBw"
option in publish method, I tried it but when stability falls down then
connection’s bandwidth doesn’t reach that minimum, so I don’t know what it
really does.

Thank you.