Licode MCU not able to Handle more than 5 Streams even at standard Resolution Local server

Hi Pedro,

We have been working on Licode MCU inntegrating with our application.
we have configured the MCU in local environment were in 100 Mbps link but
more than 5 streams there is a huge delay in Video at 384x216 Resolution

Server Configuration is

Intel Xeon Dual Core with 4 GB RAM 1 GB port

Server CPU Usage at 5 Streams is not more than 20 % and Ram not more than
1.5 GB
We have set the min bandwidth in licode_config file as 150 and Max
Bandwidth as 2048

attached is the licode_config file

and all clients are on Google chrome Browser with latest update and
configuration of each client machine is I3 Processor

Please suggest on configuration any we are missing to resolve this issue.


licode_config.js (6.79 KB)