DTLS handshake failure on Ubuntu 14.04

Hi team,

I am quite new to Licode Erizo. I have tried to set up the Erizo server on
Ubuntu 14.04 and found that the DTLS handshake process is always failed.
I have found that there are several post discussing the problem in 14.04
for DTLS handshake, I am wondering if this has been resolved, or not? If
not, anyone can shed the light for us how to resolve this problem?
I am not sure if this issue is related to default openssl installation in
Ubuntu 14.04. Anyone has tried to upgrade the version of OpenSSL to solve
this? Or anyone has tried to use BoringSSL to fix this?

Thanks in advance.



I can’t really understand your problem but if you update to the latest version from master you shouldn’t have problems with node versions, assuming you are using Ubuntu 14.04

I always get WARN [0x7fa4b54e1700] dtls.SSL - error in unknown state
but everything seems to work fine.
Is it ok?