How many erizo rooms can be served by erizoController?

Hi Everyone!
Hey! I’d like to know what the significance of these settings in licode_config.js
config.erizoController.warning_n_rooms = 15; // default value: 15
config.erizoController.limit_n_rooms = 20;
I’m mainly concerned with erizo rooms,and now my system distributed architecture like this :
nuve,basicexample + erizoController +(erizoJs + erizoJs +…) + rabbit +mongo;Is the distribution design reasonable?
erizoController is a seperate mechine(8 core cpu + 8G mem + 100Mbps )
and how no. of such rooms a single erizoController can serve at the same time (100? 200? 300?), What are the main bottlenecks?


I am not sure what you are asking (I am not a member of the team). But we have performed some stress tests and the number of rooms has never been an issue. It is much more likely that you will run to hard limits on networking long before the number of rooms is exhausted.

Do some calculations on the required bandwidth. If you are using reasonable video quality and good quality audio, then it is quite likely that your network capacity will be the first bottleneck.

Thanks for you reply!
My system is a distributed system,erizoAgent+erizoJs is a very large cluster, there may be thousands of room number. erizocontroller is a seperate server independently of erizoJs servers; which does not provide audio and video service,erizocontroller server mainly provide websocket signalling;
If configuration,(config.erizoController.limit_n_rooms = 10000) io.socket concurrency value how many, is there any other problems.a seperate erizocontroller don’t know can meet this need.