How to create a H264 room?


Hi there,

I see the option Room H264 here
How do I create an H264 room like that?



It’s done in the server side code:

N.API.createRoom(roomName, { mediaConfiguration: 'H264_AND_OPUS' });

For more options check rtp_media_config.js file.


After creating the H264 room, all users still use VP8

I checked it via chrome://chrome-urls/
It’s googCodecName under ssrc report.

How do I know if it works properly?



Yes chrome://webrtc-internals is where you can check. In addition you may activate the log in the client side and check for the SDP:



Thanks, I got it work.

Is it possible to change the codec on clients side?
Here is the scenario:

  • User one connect using Laptop
  • Then user 2 connect using iOS or Android.

I want to detect what user 2 uses, then change the codec to make it works.



Using different codecs in the same room?! Not possible AFAIK.


it works out of the box in p2p mode but I don’t think it’s what you need