Need help fixing poor video quality over wireless network

We are running a recent version of licode to record video from Chrome (Version
44.0.2403.130). An issue that we are currently facing is the video quality
is bad when on wifi. See attached screenshots. The problem is
reproducible on Android tablets and Mac OSX over WIFI.

The video constraints we are using:

mandatory: {minWidth:320, maxWidth:640, minHeight:240, maxHeight:480}

I have tried adjusting the bandwidth settings in the licode_config.js

config.erizoController.defaultVideoBW = 1500; //default value: 300
config.erizoController.maxVideoBW = 3000; //default value: 300

This seems to function as expected because it sets the b= param in the SDP
to b=AS:3000, but Chrome doesn’t seem to listen to this property:

What other things can we try to improve the quality of the video over a
wireless network?