New Release: v2

Here are the release notes for the first release with our new versioning plan: v2.
We’ve summed up the most relevant things we’ve added in the last year or so. Expect new releases to be more frequent and with more detailed info.

Release Notes
This is the first release of our new versioning scheme.
It groups all the work we’ve done in the last 14/16 months.

  • Adaptation Schemes - Bandwidth monitoring for problematic subscriber connections.
  • SlideShowMode - A low-bandwidth mode for subscribers that reduces framerate.
  • Spine - A CLI Erizo client that supports sending and receiving media.
  • New Threading model for Erizo.
  • Server side stats. New implementation for Licode Stats and a new API to get those stats from the client side.
  • Tons of stability work/bugfixes:
    • Unit Tests
    • Signaling path error checking
    • Code linting
    • Nuve crash recovery
      And many more