nICEr vs libnice

I did some research and find that nICEr is module from Mozilla and it does not update several years.
But libnice is constantly updating…
Also we faced with connection problems from iOS and Android devices to licode with nICEr.
So, why licode decided to move to nicer ?
Is there some issues with libnice?

nICEr is being used by Firefox and they update it in their own repository so we try to keep it up to date with their repository. We dropped support for libnice because we have been using nICEr in our production servers for years now with great results. We started to use it because some limitations of libnice, IDK if those limitations exist anymore in libnice but we don’t want to support two different libraries and their dependencies anymore.

It would be great if you fill in a Github issue and give us information to investigate any error with nICEr.

I see that Mozilla is moving forward with their nICEr. They are constantly fixing bugs in it:[]=media&path[]=mtransport&path[]=third_party&path[]=nICEr
Do you plan to update nICEr inside licode ?

Hello everyone. I’m not sure why licode decides to use nICEr instead of libnice, but there’s a lot of issues, a lot of “ICE connection failed”. I’m not sure how to configure it well. If someone knows. I’m using Docker Swarm, so, it is using an external network, different from the host one. I opened the ports and everything. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, not sure the reasons.

Try to set network interface.