Output Licode video stream as RTSP or RTMP?

Hi folks,

Licode’s been serving pretty well, however I need to stream the “licode
streaming/live video” through Wowza so that it can serve variety of users.
For this, I need to set up incoming stream video for wowza but thats
available in limited formats.

Through Licode, I only get an mkv file. So* is it possible to convert the
output of Licode instead of mkv file to formats such as RTSP or RTMP ?? *

Is there any other way I can so to stream licode live streams through a
media server ?

Any help would be appreciated !

See my reply here: How to use Licode

anyone has implement it?

We implemented ourselves exactly this scenario with wowza so it’s totally possible but it’s not an easy work.
need some rework of timestamps and timebase in the externaloutput