Realtime Videos Streaming from source


i have some query for my realtime streaming project

  1. which protocol is better to use. like. in webrtc. rtsp / rtmp / ws / socket ? for realtime even 0 second delay or 0.5 second delay would be great if possible

for realtime streaming like from source it could be rtsp or rtmp link or youtube link as well i do push stream by ffmpeg or other tool to server and from server viewer can

2). from android camera as source is it better to send stream via webrtc for zero latency what is way better to play stream in android like wss or rtmp or socket or alternet way good for stability and good quality can keep for video call or video conference call feature as well i would like to implement so help me to choose protocol and player something :slight_smile:

  1. server bandwidth if i am as android camera broadcaster or video conference viewer then
    i would like to use server band data should come from server to user and user to server instead of peer to peer connection so guide me plz if possible

as well video chat and video conference i will use so guide me or help me in this situation what to do :slight_smile: and i would like to keep better quality of stream and fast 0 latency or something better way instead of delay streams or pixels in videos :slight_smile: