Single PeerConnection Documentation

Looking for information on how to setup rooms with a single peer connection - so far this is the only thing I’ve found:

I’ve found the config.erizoController.allowSinglePC and set it to true, and also passed the options singlePC = True when calling room.connect(), and on the client side, all replies from the server / all places where the singlePC value is checked show true, however in webrtc internals, I still see multiple peer connections. (Using Chrome 70 - so singlePC is supported)

Is there something else needed, or something else that is preventing a single PeerConnection being used?

EDIT: Also, I should mention that I am using licode v6

You may also need to set config.erizoController.maxErizosUsedByRoom to 1 in order to see just one Peer Connection. Actually, you should see as many Peer Connection as the number you set in that config file.

Also please take into account that Peer Connection is still a work in progress feature. We use it already in production with Chrome browsers but we don’t support it in Firefox (or other browsers) yet.

Thanks for your reply I will try setting set config.erizoController.maxErizosUsedByRoom to 1 - but when you say 'you should see as many Peer Connection as the number you set ’ are you referring to the number set to config.erizoController.maxErizosUsedByRoom?

yes, that’s exactly what I mean. Please let me know if it works for you

Just did - it works. Thanks again for your help.