Why are there So many UDP connections?

Hi Team.

When 10 people join the same videoroom, there will be about 100 UDP connections.

And, If the 10 people use the same router, it sometimes makes router crash.
Is there any idea to avoid this?

because for every stream you have a peerconnection (imagine it as a pipe, UDP).
one pipe for every stream you send and receive. so yes, I think it’s quite normal

Thanks for your reply.
But I’m working in the MCU mode now.
And I thought users just need to connect to the server, it will be working fine.
Does that mean I need to close the p2p mode? If I need to, is there any parameter can be configured to close it?

yeah users connect to Licode (which is actually working more as an SFU instead of an MCU) and for every connection (in or out) you have a peerconnection.
the team is actually working to implement the single peerconnection feature that is actually a single tube for every user instead that a tube for every stream.
stay tuned

:smiley: Oh, I was wrong.
Now I know Licode is working as an SFU actually.
But I want to create a audioroom working in MCU because of my users are all in very poor network.
Can I do this?

Roger that.