Video Record issue


I use basic_example to record the video. I find the keyframe of the video is lost(played by ffplay),and the video is frozen.And I check chrome://webrtc-internals , the packetsLost of the video is zero. Maybe the same issue as this.I use the latest commit(

FYI, I remove minVideoBW and the scheme.


2018-06-29 16:25:25,906 - DEBUG [0x700007b13000] media.ExternalOutput - File …/web/a.mkv, audio offset msec: 0
2018-06-29 16:25:25,917 - DEBUG [0x700007b13000] media.ExternalOutput - File …/web/a.mkv, video offset msec: 11
2018-06-29 16:25:30,931 - DEBUG [0x70000a6e4000] media.ExternalOutput - Unexpected video sequence number; current 18652, previous 9912
2018-06-29 16:29:29.436 - INFO: Publisher - message: Removing ExternalOutput, url: …/web/a.mkv
2018-06-29 16:29:29,437 - DEBUG [0x700009ddb000] OneToManyProcessor - Remove subscriber …/web/a.mkv

you lost the keyframe during the video, or at the beginning?

Thanks for your reply. I played the record mkv file by ffplay ,after a while I got the keyframe lost error and the video is frozen.

Probably the nackgenerator didn’t worked well in this case.

I know that @zevarito is working on a new version of the externalOutput, maybe we should send a PLI here:

need_to_send_fir_ = true;

It will obviously arrive 5 seconds after, but it’s just a “safe” approach.
The nack generator should ensure that everything is arriving correctly to the server but sometimes it misses something…

That’s why we implemented a google-like approach