WebSocket connection Failed behind proxy/firewall

Hi, All
We have deployed the licode server and only use 80/443 port using nginx.
It works well.
But we are faced an issue that it does not works for users behind

Below is log of Chrome.

DEBUG: Requested access to local media
DEBUG: Object
INFO: User has granted access to local media.
DEBUG: Event: access-accepted
DEBUG: Creating URL from stream [object MediaStream]
WebSocket connection to
failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 502

ERROR: Cannot connect to Erizo-Controller (socket.io error) Event
ERROR: Not Connected! Error: [object Event]
DEBUG: Event: room-error

I have read a topic on

It says;
“Some proxy servers are transparent and work fine with WebSocket; others
will prevent WebSocket from working correctly, causing the connection to
fail. In some cases, additional proxy server configuration may be required,
and certain proxy servers may need to be upgraded to support WebSocket.”

Is there any solution for fix this issue?