Basic example doesn't work for latest Chrome/Safari iOS

Hi guys,

I’ve just installed new Licode server and Basic Example.
The basic example works for:

  • Chrome/Firefox on Windows
  • Chrome/Firefox on MacOS
  • Chrome on Android

The above devices can communicate to each other.
When a new device join, I see there are messages on Chrome Windows console.

But Chrome/Safari on iOS only see itself.

  • On the server, I see the new token created, when the iOS device join.
  • On Chrome Windows console, I don’t see any changes.

How do I get it work for iOS devices?


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Here is what I see on the server when an iOS device connects
" message: getting local SDPInfo stream not running"

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Similar issue: “Subscribed video (how other participant will see you once your local video is published)” video doesn’t work in Safari Version 11.1 (13605. in Basic Example.

I get this error:

OperationError: Failed to set remote answer sdp: Session error code: ERROR_CONTENT. Session error description: Failed to set remote video description send parameters.