Problem after commit : 78b7b6ab97cbd05e04df1253d73a747ce94d959e

I have tried to make a scalable education system by using Licode.

Therefore, I really need distributed architecture to accommodate a lot of

Because I have not enough servers to deploy my system, I have no choice but
borrowed computing resources composed of Openstack.

I currently use the following commit.

Commit: 907716f8d12e893ed34e6f027a47fb6cfc1c4f73
But, after that, Licode don’t work on my openstack resource. I think, it
seems, previous version of licode uses machine ip from licode_config.js
where I manually

wrote down public ip as config.erizoController.publicIp =“”.

In contrast, Recent version of that don’t like it because I could find the
private ip of virtual machine in sdp description.

In addition, Recording problem that already have been reported occurs…

Is there anyone in a trouble like me?